Southern Downs Drilling provides quality water bores to customers across the Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley, South Burnett, Southern and Western Downs. We specialise in water well drilling for irrigation, livestock and domestic water supplies. Southern Downs Drilling have years of experience assisting farmers and small acreage owners with all their water boring needs.

Water Bore Drilling Services

Southern Downs Drilling is fully equipped to drill a new bore, cased and capped in accordance with Department of Natural Resources and Mines regulations ready to be equipped. 

Water Bore Drilling Process

After discussing the location of the proposed bore and associated site access, Southern Downs Drilling will plan the construction of your new bore. The process of construction is as follows:  

  • The hole is drilled to the aquifer (water bearing zone), when water is hit we drill past this zone to create a sump
  • Once approval is given from land holder (owner) the bore is cased
  • The casing is then gravel packed to assist in getting the best yield and quality out of the bore
  • The hole is then grouted off and capped ready to be equipped

Water Bore Drilling Rig Configuration

Southern Downs Drilling operates a Rotary Air drilling rig with down hole hammer and has the capability of rotary mud.

Water Bore Drilling Site Location

Southern Downs Drilling will construct the new bore in the location as specified by you. Southern Downs Drilling do not undertake any geo-technical analysis of possible locations. Some customers will select their site based on local knowledge or the location of other nearby bores. Other customers will engage their own geo-technical experts to undertake site analysis.

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